Repiping is when the pipes of an existing home or building are replaced. Most structure over 25 years old have zinc-coated pipes or galvanized piping. As this type of piping ages, the lining wears away and creates rust. Repiping can increase a structure’s water pressure, do away with rusty or colored water, solve problems with leaky pipes and more. It is something that should be done before water damage can occur..

Repiping in Wheaton IL
When repiping is done there ar a wide range of materials that can be used. Many different types of plastic piping can be installed that includes both PVC and CPVC as well as copper piping.

People who choose plastic pipes for their repiping project usually do so because its more cost effective. The reason is that plastic pipes are cheaper to manufacture and are lighter than copper piping, which makes them more cost effective to transport. The lower price to make and transport is what makes plastic the least expensive option for repiping. When it comes to pipes used for cold water supply, vent pipes and drains, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping is one common variety used. When it comes to providing hot water, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) piping is often used because of its excellent heat resistant capabilities.

The other type of material used for repiping is copper. It is more expensive than plastic, but is the most popular choice for repiping. Copper piping is very durable, can be recycled and does add resale value to a property. Copper is also able to provide better volume and water flow. It may be a better choice for people who live in places where the cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze. It’s the type of material that can expand in such weather and handle frozen water.

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