Downers Grove, Illinois Plumbing. Is New Really Better?

Servicing plumbing issues in Downers Grove, Illinois can be an interesting task. Today servicing Downers Grove, Illinois we see a lot of different changes as the plumbing code evolves. Servicing plumbing in Downers Grove, Illinois we can visit subdivisions such as Lyman Parks and Suburban Estates and see the earliest stages of our plumbing code with Cast iron and Galvanized piping.

Though many homes in Downers Grove have been repiped by now, we still see some antiquated systems. It’s amazing that some of these plumbing systems are still functioning well.  We also see systems remodeled, but it’s easy to identify when by the piping that was used in Downers Grove at that time period.

In the 60s, a lot of subdivisions in Downers Grove, Illinois were built with cast iron and galvanized piping technology like Bruce Lake, Burlington Highlands, Downers Grove Gardens, Knottingham, Prentice Creek, and Sunny Hills Estates. Unlike the homes built in the 60s, most homes today have been remodeled with both new PVC and copper plumbing. So when we arrive on a Downers Grove, IL plumbing service call we need to be prepared for all types of plumbing. Will the 50-year-old home has galvanized, cast Iron, Copper, ABS, or PVC; it always is interesting to see what’s behind the walls or hanging in the basement.

Downers Grove, Illinois Plumbing Systems in the Late 60s and Early 70s

In the late 60s and early 70s cast iron and copper drainage and copper water pipe in began being used in Downers Grove Illinois. Communities like Brookridge, Orchard Brook, Sunny Hills Estates, and Valley View Estates were all built around this time, thus have a good chance of having these systems. We still see 5-gallon flush toilets restored to there original condition here.

Downers Grove Illinois Plumbing Systems in the Late 70s and Early 80s

In the Downers Grove area, in the mid-70s to early 80s copper drainage & water piping began being used. Downers Grove Illinois communities like Farmingdale Village, Landsfield, Prentiss Brook Terrace, and parts of Prentice Creek were all built around this time.

Since many homes in Downers Grove Illinois are between 30 years to 100 years old, we see it all and always recommend updating the plumbing system while you have walls opened. Oh, so many times a brand new kitchen has 40-year-old plumbing behind the modern look. Whether the homes in Downers Grove Illinois new or old we never know what we might find!