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10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Have you ever dreamt, as you stood in your musty bathroom covered in avocado green tiles, what it would be like to have a bathroom transformation? Bathroom remodeling can renew your Chicagoland home’s life and enhance yours. You can convert your obsolete bathroom into a space with both function and flair. So on that note, here is a list of 10 reasons to remodel your bathroom.

 Chicagoland, IL bathroom remodeling1. Clear the Air

The right bathroom ventilation purifies the air you breathe and prevents those nasty smells. The bathroom is the wettest room in your home. The right ventilation, heating and air conditioning in the bathroom will control mold, mildew and extend the life of your bathroom and its fixtures.

Installation of an energy efficient quiet fan vented to the outside is essential in the pursuit of the best indoor air quality. If the ventilation fan is loud no one will want to turn it on and that defeats the purpose of the fan.

Check out the benefits of a heated floor. A timer for the fan and a floor heating system working alternately is an efficient approach to a dry and healthy bathroom. Radiant floor heat quickly dries out the bathroom tile floor.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the desired technology of the modern bathroom. This technology provides thermal comfort and excellent indoor air quality.

2. Plumbing Revamp

The daily use and damp bathroom climates take a toll on the plumbing. Small cracks and leaks in the plumbing can go unexposed and contribute to increased water consumption costs, structural damage and mold.

Old pipes may contain asbestos. Replacing old plumbing can help protect your home and loved ones from unwanted toxins.

Existing visible problems such as damaged or loose tiles, leaking fixtures, moisture damaged cabinets, should all be a priority in bathroom remodeling.

Pipes that are leaking water can lead to mold in your home which may cause health problems for the whole family.

3. Energy Efficiency

Old piping, fixtures and toilets were designed without the current standards of efficiency and environmental safety. As a result, your older bathroom may cost you money and affect the environment. Now is the time to remodel your bathroom with components that have earned the Energy Star high-efficiency rating.

New shower heads, faucets and toilets can conserve water usage, save you money and help the environment.

Energy efficient electrical outlets and lighting fixtures reduce your energy bills.

4. Spa Experience

Older bathrooms customarily have a plain oval bathtub with a small shower head. Sometimes the tub is small and uncomfortable because of the lack of a well-thought-out design. Taking a shower in the tub can be dangerous. This is a great reason to upgrade your Chicagoland home’s bathroom.

Advances in bathtub styling and technology offer pleasing options to refresh and relax in comfort and style.

Adding a separate shower enclosure with multi-heads will transform your bathroom into a private spa.

5. Additional Space

Adding another bathroom or expanding the space can help eliminate the struggles of sharing a bathroom.

The daily morning race to the bathroom will stop by adding another bathroom. No more waiting while someone relaxes in the shower or tub for over an hour. This option could require an addition if space is limited inside your home.

Consider enlarging the bathroom by expanding into an adjacent closet or spare room. This second option saves you money and materials.

If there is not enough space to expand add two sinks to define your individual space. You may need to reconfigure the room, for example, a shower instead of a tub to accommodate the two sinks.

6. Refresh and Renew

A partial bathroom remodel every few years can help keep it updated with the rest of your home.

Replace dated fixtures with new, contemporary styles. Paint the walls or install tile for a fresh, new appearance.

Small touches like adding a new light fixture or framed mirrors make a difference and will uplift your mood every time you look inside the room.

7. Going Green

The bathroom is a space where you find toxic chemicals, high water and energy usage. Finding solutions to reduce chemicals and resource consumption in the bathroom can improve the impact on the environment.

Here are some ideas:

  • Invest in low flow toilet that uses less water.
  • Choose a low-flow shower head and water conserving aerators in the sink faucets.
  • Replace the old water heater with a high-efficiency model.
  • Look for earth-friendly products without harsh chemicals to keep your bathroom clean and safe.

 Chicagoland, IL bathroom remodeling 28. Accessible Bathroom

When mobility becomes an issue, there are simple updates that can be made to the bathroom to make it more comfortable to use for your family and friends for years to come.


All of the following improvements can be valuable features:

  • Consider installing taller toilets that meet ADA guidelines.
  • Purchase sinks that are accessible for a person in a wheelchair.
  • Add grab bars that offer stability and support in the proper locations.
  • Install a curb-less shower or walk-in tub.

9. Increase Home Value

According to Remodeling Magazine a homeowner receives an average of 65.7% return on their bathroom remodel investment. Prospective buyers seek out a remodeled bathroom in an older home. So, in addition to enjoying a fresh new bathroom, you may recuperate a majority of your investment when you sell your home.

10. Provide Enjoyment

Remember to remodel your bathroom with joy. The little changes such as radiant heating makes the tiled floor feel as cozy and warm as tropical sand under your bare feet during the winter months. A steam shower welcomes you at the end of a hard day to soothe tense muscles. A deep soaking tub for two is a romantic retreat to relax and rejuvenate.

Bath remodeling upgrades your bathroom to the 21st century and is a positive move towards a safer,  highly functional, and more beautiful space.

Now is the time to give your Chicagoland, IL home’s bathroom the attention it so rightfully deserves by calling Jim Wagner Plumbing Inc. at (630) 577-9241.