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Flooding is not limited to weather conditions. There may be small cracks or leaks in your home’s plumbing that should be located and repaired before the coming winter weather makes the situation far worse. Hiring a professional plumbing company to inspect and repair any issues with your pipes can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs in the future.

Leak Detection ChicagolandSmall cracks and leaks in pipes can become larger as winter weather sets in with its freezing temperatures. Frozen pipes can easily burst, and if there are already weak or damaged places these will be the first to give way if the pipes become too cold.

Basement flooding is only one of the potential hazards of burst pipes. If the water heater and furnace are in the basement, they can be seriously damaged if there is an issue with flooding due to burst pipes. Then you have the added expense of repairing these items as well as the water damage and the plumbing.

Pipe inspection is not limited to the plumbing under the home, there are tools and technology available to plumbers now that can allow them to visually inspect the plumbing throughout the entire system without having to expose the actual pipes. Pipes run along exterior walls have the highest tendency to freeze if not properly insulated. Insulation can break down in time, and if there are problems with these pipes you run the risk of them leaking inside the walls. It can be very difficult to pinpoint just where the water is coming from when this happens.

Water leaks can be a greater hazard as the weather cools, since as water freezes it expands and damage can be done inside the walls themselves that may not be noticeable until it is too late. Mold and dry rot are the result of undetected leaks and moisture inside the walls that is not noted by a visual inspection alone. The best way to find any potential damaging problems is to have the system inspected before it becomes an issue.

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