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Choosing a New Water Heater

When choosing a hot water heater the customer should consider size, maintenance and type of the function it will serve.

Which Factors Should I Consider?

Floor space is required for upright tank hot water heaters. The power source normally used to heat water is electric or gas and are sized by the gallon. Upright tank water heaters require a heating element in electric models and a burner in gas models.

Both are efficient for a small family when hot water is not in demand for showers, dish washers, washing machines and other hot water products at the same time.

Maintenance on this type of hot water heater is required, however; the initial installation of a hot water heater should be professionally installed by a plumbing expert.

Sediment can form in the bottom of upright tank heaters and require flushing to prevent corrosion. Pressure release valves on both the electric and gas models need to be checked periodically to prevent hot water heater pressure build up and explosion of water. It is recommended that you have a professional plumber to inspect a hot water heater periodically.

The tanks less hot water heater are electric, or gas and they do not require floor space. Tank less hot water heaters are wall mounted and furnish hot water on demand, which can reach a temperature of 170 degrees.

Tank less hot water heaters can be an economical choice for the homeowner. The tank less model you choose will either provide hot water for a single source or for the entire household to meet hot water demand.

Tank less hot water heaters requires professional installation. The flow rate of Tank less should be considered before purchase, this will determine how much hot water can be furnished at a given time on demand. Proper sizing of the unit will determine how fast hot water reaches throughout the home. Your trusted plumber can guide you in selecting the proper hot water source and provide home installation.

How Often Does it Need Maintenance

All hot water heaters require maintenance to remain productive and to prevent corrosive damage to the heater. Most water heaters, depending on the model, require yearly maintenance.

Maintenance on Tank less hot water heater is required. Mineral deposits can build up and this requires purging the hot water heater once a year for continued optimal service. Contact your plumber if you prefer a professional maintenance.

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