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In the world of sanitation and plumbing, back-flow prevention devices are the most obscure pieces of equipment. Since these devices come with moving gaskets, o-rings, springs, and parts, they wear and tear over time. Hence, back-flow testing is needed. Back-flow prevention and testing plays a crucial role in ensuring that your drinking water stays clean and free from contaminants. In fact, back-flow testing is required by the government. Businesses like restaurants, apartment buildings, and hotels are required to update their back-flow testing records at any city service office.

When you turn on your water tap, you may not realize that there is a possibility that harmful sewage and chemicals from the main sewer might contaminate your water lines. Back-flow prevention devices are pieces of equipment that are especially designed to ensure that gases, chemicals, and wastes do not back flow from the main sewer line to your water supply line. If these devices are properly installed, serviced, and tested, they help guarantee that your home or building will have fresh, clean, and contaminant-free water.

Because these devices play a crucial role to the public health, the government requires most businesses to get a regular back-flow testing from a licensed professional. There are many government-certified plumbing companies that offer back-flow testing services, and their prices are generally fair and affordable for most homeowners or business owners. Sometimes, plumbing companies offer the back-flow testing as an added service to their existing clients.

When contracting a plumbing company for the back-flow testing, make sure that they will file the certification with the city or municipal government office once the testing is completed, and do not forget to ask for a copy of those records.

There are severe consequences for not performing a back-flow testing and making sure that the back-flow devices are properly serviced. You will not only find yourself facing legal fines or actions from the local health department, but you are also putting the health of your family, employees, or customers in jeopardy. As a responsible homeowner or business owner, it is your job to make sure that all sanitary prevention equipment are updated and in good condition.

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