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Water heaters can malfunction in many ways. A leaking heater can cause moisture build up which can lead to many other more serious problems. Most water heaters are placed above a plywood or particle board subfloor; even the smallest leaks can eventually cause this subfloor to rot and decay. This can also lead to mold growth which has its own set of devastating effects on a home and the occupants. Some people with bad allergies to mold may even develop a life threatening illness. Every home owner should keep their family safe by having the water heater serviced on a yearly basis. This annual check up should occur no matter what. However, if a water heater shows any signs of malfunctioning then it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Water Heater Maintenance PlainfieldWater heaters can leak from many sources. Pipes, connections and valves should all be monitored regularly to prevent further damage from moisture build up. Water heaters will often be very hot and can burn occupants who attempt to fix it on their own and without the proper training. Overflow valves need to be checked periodically. If the valve does not release hot water then there may be a serious problem. Most water heater problems start small and become very large. This is why prevention is the best method for dealing with a water heater.

A water heating repair company will be able to coat the floor with a water sealant. This will prevent water damage from occurring if there are any leaks. However, this does not mean that leaks should be ignored. Any and all water heater leaks should be handled as professionally and quickly as possible. A water heater maintenance company will also be able to install a pressure relief valve. This is one of the easiest and cheapest safety measures that can wind up saving you thousands of dollars worth of repairs down the road.

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