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All homeowners should have an accurate and workable system to detect water leaks both inside and outside of their home. Water leaks prove to be very costly if they are not corrected quickly. New homes as well as older homes may have water leak problems develop without a lot of warning.

The most accurate way of finding out if you have a water leak is to keep a close record of your water usage. Compare your water bills each month and if there is a rapid rise in your cost then you know something is wrong. Taking this a step farther it is good to check your water meter often to see if there are any irregularities in the meter function.

If you have a leak your meter will let you know by the little arrow inside the meter. This arrow will alert you as to small amounts of water being used that have not been used previously. This is a sign of a leak or leak somewhere inside or outside of your home.

It is a must to know where the cut-off valve is that controls the water inside your home. When seconds count the water must be turned off immediately. Places for this cut-off valve are near the hot water heater, where water enters your home or near the washing machine connection.

If you think there may be a leak in your home but you are not sure turn off all water inside and outside. Contact your local plumber for a theral inspection, they will determine if there is a leak and whether repairs are necessary or not.


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