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Basements typically contain your heating source and hot water tank. Most home owners in Orlando Park store there excess things in the basement such as Christmas things and other decoration, extra clothes, photos and even files. When the basement floods all of these items can be severely damaged or forever ruined. The damage can be very expensive, especially if your basement is a finished room with carpet, furniture, and electrical appliances like TV’s or computers.

There are several reasons basements flood. Gravity is the biggest reason- gravity makes water run to the lowest point, which is sometimes in your basement. The ground water level varies in depth depending on what the ground saturation around the area is. The water level may rise and can begin to seep or leak in through cracks in the walls and basement floor, clogged ground drains, excessive rain or snow, and the worst case is a sewer back up. Even if your basement has never flooded doesn’t mean it never will. Sub pumps put home owners’ minds at ease, knowing that the basement is protected.

Sump pumps are installed in basements along with a basin that is dug out specifically for water collection. The sub pump is either submersible or sets on a pedestal with a shaft running into the water basin. Both kinds have a hose that the unwanted water pumps through so that it can be redirected to a more appropriate place. Please be aware of your local zoning laws, sub pump discharge must be rerouted into an acceptable place under your zoning law, there are various laws for different areas.

There are a variety of pumps that can be installed in your home. First the amount of horse power will have to be determined. Then you’ll have to decide if you want an automatic or manual start. The automatic start pumps that have a water sensing switch that turns on the pump when the water in the basin gets to high are most home owners top choice. It’s hard wired in and can have an optional battery backup, in case the electric goes off, which makes it pretty much hands free except for the occasional maintenance checks and cleaning.

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. will like to remind you that in the event of a flooding, a sump pump can save many of your valuables possessions as well as costs of repairs to your Orlando Park home. If you will like more information about sump pumps, call us anytime at (630) 577-9241