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10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom

Naperville Plumber One of the best methods that you can use to improve the look of your bathroom is to remodel the space. When you remodel your bathroom, you have the ability to refinish or replace many of the built-in features.

These features may not have been replaced for many years or even since the home was built, so remodeling can have a significant impact on your home.

If you are ready to upgrade your bathroom, you may consider some of these ideas. Keep in mind that you can work with a plumber to complete many of these tasks.

Ideas for Your Vanity

You may choose to either replace your vanity or resurface it. You can choose from gorgeous materials like granite or granite tiles, ceramic tiles, Corian and others. You may consider working with a plumber early on in this process to measure for your sink bowl and hardware.

There are several sink bowl and hardware styles to choose from, and the shape of the hole in the counter top will play a role in this. For example, an under mount sink will require a larger hole than a bowl-style sink.

Tips for Your Toilet

You can also replace your toilet when you remodel your space. Your toilet is likely a feature that is easily outdated, and you can choose a more stylish model that has an updated look.

A great idea is to choose an option that uses less water when you flush, and your plumber can help you with your selection. Keep in mind that a plumber can easily upgrade your toilet on your behalf, and you will not have to worry about the installation process yourself.

Options for Your Bathtub and Shower

Naperville Bathroom RemodelingMany bathroom remodeling projects also include a bathtub and shower remodel. Depending on your space, you may choose to combine the shower and bathtub together to save space or to separate them to give your space an upgraded look.

You can choose built-in features in your shower, a marble tub, a whirlpool tub and more. Your plumber can assist you with the installation of these features and of the hardware that you select.

As you make your plans to remodel your bathroom, you may reach out to your plumbing company to request a quote for the work that you need done.

A plumber can provide you with the removal of certain features, transfer of pipes to different locations and installation service as needed.

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