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How to choose a toiletSelecting the Appropriate Toilet


Have you ever thought that choosing a new toilet is an easy job? Just pick a good-looking one, and you’re done, right? Well, that’s not entirely true.

Choosing a Toilet

Choosing a toilet isn’t as simple as inspecting the trap way.  In the image to the left, you can see that water exits the toilet bowl and then goes up.  This creates the water level in the bowl, which is standard in all toilets.  However, this toilet has two very sharp bends at its base.  These bends aren’t for aesthetic purposes; they are necessary to create suction to flush the toilet.  When this toilet flushes waste and/or paper, it often gets restricted in one of the two bends, creating the need for plunging or a possible overflow.

If this type of toilet has flushing troubles, then why don’t they just get rid of the bends?  It seems simple, right?  Wrong.  The tank in this type of toilet needs these bends to slow the flow rate out of the bowl in order to create suction and proper toilet function.  Therefore, though it may look nice in your bathroom, you’ll need to invest in an attractive plunger to keep close.

If you don’t want a plunger as part of your bathroom decor, you do have hope!  Toilet manufacturers now engineer a flush valve to allow water from the tank to the bowl to drain more quickly.  The accelerated flow rate creates better suction, eliminating the need for those pesky toilet bends.  This allows toilet manufacturers to design a more streamlined trap way.

We know this is a lot of information about toilets when all you really want to know is, “Will it flush?”  So here is the basic rule of thumb:  look at the trap way and listen to common sense.  The image of the toilet above, at first glance, would tell you that waste will get backed up in the turns.

Need help to pick out a new toilet?

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. is always available to offer toilet options to fit your bathroom and your budget.  Say goodbye to your plunger for good!

Visit our toilet product page  to view our toilet selection.  Our toilets are priced including installation, delivery and disposal of your old toilet.
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