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Tips for Avoiding Common Summer Plumbing Issues

In winter, many people spend more time bundled up warm inside than they do outside, meaning it’s much more likely that plumbing problems will be noticed immediately. But come summertime, between the holidays, getaways, and road trips, it’s much more likely that common summer plumbing problems will go unnoticed, and this can lead to major damage.

Here are some tips for avoiding those issues in the first place, so you’ll have peace of mind on your next trip knowing that your home is safe.  

Stop Sewer Lines From Backing Up

sewerlineBecause there are a number of problems that can cause sewer lines to back up, so too are there a few prevention methods. The two most common problems associated with backed up sewer lines are clogs and overflows.

Clogs can be prevented by ensuring that only acceptable waste material and water are allowed to enter your pipes.

While this may be easier said than done, you can help by installing drain strainers in every kitchen and bathroom drain, and these will catch most of the unacceptable materials, such as food, hair, and other debris.

Overflows can be stopped by ensuring that toilets are kept clean and that nobody uses them to flush away garbage, food, or other debris. Always keep a waste basket beside the toilets to ensure that people aren’t tempted to flush away unacceptable items. And make sure you have a plunger nearby in every bathroom so that minor clogs can be addressed immediately.

Avoid Damaging the Sprinklers

There are a few culprits that can damage your sprinklers: dirt and wear, the sun, and the blades on your lawn mower.

Regular wear and dirt can cause the sprinkler to leak, and if this isn’t addressed, it could damage your lawn by water-logging the grass. If you notice any minor leaks coming from the sprinkler head, take it apart and look for dirty or worn valves. Clean or replace the valves as necessary, or replace the sprinkler entirely if it’s getting up there in age.

sprinklerThe sun can damage your equipment because UV rays can deteriorate plastics, meaning they can age and break down the materials in your hoses and sprinklers. The best way to prevent this is by storing your lawn maintenance equipment in a shed, garage, or basement when it’s not in use.

Your lawn mower might be a sprinkler’s worst enemy because mower blades can easily shred a sprinkler head or hose that is left in the way of the mower. You can, however, prevent this the same way you prevent UV from damaging your lawn equipment: put them away when they’re not in use. That way, there’s no chance of you accidentally running over your hose or sprinkler when it’s time to mow.

Keep the Garbage Disposal Running Properly

Garbage disposals that aren’t running properly are either clogged with food or jammed with a non-food item (and hopefully haven’t broken down because of it).

To keep these running smoothly, only put in small quantities at a time of acceptable foods, avoid foods that can jam the disposal, never let anything metal or plastic get in there, and always run cold water while the disposal is running.

With preventative maintenance and the proper care for your appliances and plumbing systems, you’ll be able to avoid these most common summer issues. To schedule regular service, for more summer plumbing tips, or for assistance with these pointers, call Jim Wagner Plumbing, in Lombard, IL, today at 630-577-9241.