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Drain Cleaning: What Are the Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning?

Naperville PlumberResponsible homeowners typically schedule annual checkups for all their primary home functions, from the furnace to the hot water tank, as well as the plumbing.

While a homeowner may reasonably expect that the pipes and drains of any relatively new plumbing system should continue to work just fine without a problem, sometimes issues can develop unexpectedly.

A yearly checkup can head off major problems and high repair bills. Here are three ways that an annual drain cleaning can be convenient and beneficial.

You Can Schedule a Cleaning at your Convenience

When a problem develops, like a clogged drain or flooding, you have to drop whatever you’re doing and call a plumber. Then you have to wait for an appointment to be scheduled, although emergency services may be somewhat faster – and more costly. By scheduling an annual drain cleaning, you can do it when it’s convenient for you without disrupting other plans.

A Drain Cleaning is Cheaper than a Repair

Having your home’s drains checked and cleaned will provide a sense of relief, knowing that no big problems are looming on the horizon. Even if needed repairs are noted, at this stage they are often more affordable than when a break develops further down the road. It may be as simple as replacing a basic part or cleaning out accumulated debris. Then you don’t have to worry about your drains anytime soon.

Small Repairs are Cheaper than Major Ones

Naperville Drain CleaningEven if the plumber finds a small repair that is needed, chances are it won’t be too expensive. Having it fixed now before the problem escalates is cheaper than waiting for the drain to back up or overflow, which may cause extensive household damage.

Like having your furnace checked and a minor part fixed or replaced, a broken drain part can often be repaired quickly and inexpensively, giving the homeowner peace of mind.

Having a pro take a look at your drain once a year, using specialized equipment, is a smart way to keep the plumbing working to capacity.

Avoiding checkups may lead to some surprising and disappointing expenditures that come out of nowhere and throw the household into chaos. Have your drains checked before they get clogged and back up into the house, leaving a smell and flooded areas as a result.

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