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DIY Gone Wrong


Downers Grove PlumberThree Common Do-it-Yourself Plumbing Mistakes

To be a do-it-yourself type of individual is truly a challenge. It may turn out just fine, and, if it does, you will save some money. However, if your do-it-yourself does not turn out so well, you could potentially make a rather routine problem much worse.

A common area where a great deal of do-it-yourself mistakes can occur would be in the realm of plumbing work and repair.

Although it will cost a little bit more, hiring a professional plumber can help you to ensure that the repair job on your plumbing has been done right the first time.

Remember, an attempt to “save money” is valueless if the done is not done right. It will only end up costing you much more in the long run. With that being said, here are some common do-it-yourself plumbing mistakes that we in the plumbing profession often encounter:

1. Trying to do a Quick Fix.

This is one of the common mistakes that we encounter. Let’s say that you have a sink or a stopped-up toilet. You’re running behind and so you just plunge it a couple of times or drop a few chemicals in and hope for the best. It becomes unclogged.

Fixing a repeated clog in this way may work for a while, but this could lead to a severe clog that wrecks all kinds of havoc throughout your home. It is far better for you to call a professional while its still a small problem instead of having the clog spread throughout your house.

2. Plumbing Mismatches.

When doing a plumbing project, it is crucial that the right pipes go together. For example, if a PVC pipe is mismatched with a PEX fixture it could lead to dangerous corrosion in your pipes. Professional plumbers know the difference between PVC, PEX, galvanized steel, and copper.

Downers Grove DIY Gone Wrong3. Not Being Able to put it All Back Together.

One of the common problems that we encounter is an individual who is able to take a faulty toilet apart and probably can make a decent attempt at fixing the piece.

However, they then have no idea how to put it all back together. A professional plumber is an expert, and yes, they know exactly how to put it all back together.

If you have made a plumbing mistake, call us today so that we can help fix it.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Jim Wagner at (630) 577-9241 for service in the Downers Grove area!