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What Are Some of the Benefits of a New Water Heater? 

If you own a water heater that is outdated or falling apart, consider getting a new one. Although everything seems to work fine with the water heater, a careful scrutiny of your utility bill may say otherwise.

Repairing or replacing a water heater with a new alternative in the market is the best preventative measure you can take to reduce the chances of emergencies.

Will I Save Money in the Long Run?

There are many benefits of replacing your old water heater with a new one. For one thing, by replacing it with energy efficient alternatives, you will save a lot of money each month that will add up to serious savings within a year.

The annual savings in turn could cover the cost of new purchase. Today’s water heaters use less energy by keeping the temperature inside the tank at a constant level. You will begin to see this effect immediately upon installation.

Older water heaters have outdated parts that make it hard to retain heat within the tank. Either that or the tank may be leaking in an unknown place. Also, modern technology offers better materials for water heater constructions, such as better insulation strategies that can trap heat and keep outside factors from impacting the results inside the tank.

Will a New Water Heater Raise the Value of my Home?

Your old water heater may appear to work just fine in supplying enough hot water to the household all day long. What you fail to see is how hard the appliance is working in order to produce that heat and maintain the temperature. This difference can be clearly noticed on your monthly electric or gas bill. With energy efficient models you will see the real savings.
For those who want to avoid future water heater breakdowns or mishaps, it is better to get water heater replaced, especially when the warranty period has lapsed. Eventually, most water heaters, after certain age, tend to corrode or begin to leak.

Rust may start forming around the parts inside the tank. You may encounter a major flood overnight when things go out of control. A more dangerous problem would be gas leaks or electric short circuit.

With energy efficient versions, your home will not only be safe but increase in value making it more marketable during selling. You could even opt for tankless water heaters for greater efficiency, the choices are many.

For more information, consult your local plumber or water heater professional to see what type of heater would work for you.

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