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In Chicago’s metropolitan area, better known as Chicagoland, there are a plethora of counties and over 8 million people. Anytime that you have that many people using a common sewage system, in an area that can experience periodic flooding, you run the risk of sewage backup problems destroying your home. This kind of flooding is even more dangerous than outside flooding. The kinds of bacteria that can fester in any sewage system can lead to devastating consequences when that system fails to function and backs up into your home.

It is important to have a fail safe in place that can help you prevent this kind of catastrophe. Flood control systems can keep your house from falling victim to sewage backup due to flood conditions. During the heavy rain season, municipal sewers can exceed their capacity and cause contaminated and infested sewer water to flood into your home. A flood control sewer system helps to prevent this from happening.

This kind of system uses a cutoff valve to isolate your sewer line from the main municipal sewer line. This cutoff valve is activated by monitoring the pressure in the main line. When the pressure begins to mount, because the main lines are backing up, the cutoff valve closes and stops the municipal waste from entering your home. When this cutoff valve activates, a second ejector pump turns on which will allow you to continue to use water in your home. This includes showers, toilets, dishwashers and more.

Having a good flood control system in place can save you thousands of dollars in repair. Even the least amount of sewage water can leave you with more than $7,000 in damage. Using a flood control sewer system can very quickly make the cost of installing one well worth it. You don’t want to wait until it is too late to protect yourself and your investment from the dangers of an unexpected natural disaster. Have someone install a good flood control sewer system and you will appreciate the peace of mind it brings.

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