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How Low Flow Fixtures Help You Save

Naperville PlumberWhen you receive the water bill each month, residents might be surprised at the quantity of water being used by just one household.

This natural resource is necessary for many household outlets and appliances, so conserving its use is key to a lower bill and better environment overall. Adding low flow toilets, shower-heads and modern faucets to a home are smart decisions for any concerned household.

Powerful Flush Without Excess Water Waste

Low flow toilets don’t automatically mean less strength. When plumbing professionals survey a household’s water use, the toilet is a major contributor to waste. Specialized toilets use specific designs to force just enough water into the bowl to eliminate all solid waste.

Contractors can even discuss flushing strength among models, allowing homeowners to pick the right toilet for their needs. One flush should move all items out of the toilet without the need to flush again. Homeowners save a lot of water with just new toilets alone.

Shower Water Conservation Through Spray Science

Almost everyone loves a long, steamy shower, but most of that water is wasted as it flows into the drain. Environmentally friendly shower-heads give homeowners a chance to save on water without diminishing the spray’s strength. As residents activate the shower, water moves through the nozzle in narrow streams.

All this water is small in volume, but is directed precisely through the nozzle to create a strong flow for washing and rinsing. Add new shower-heads to all household bathrooms to see a real difference on the monthly water bill.

Innovation and User Responsibility Regarding Water-Conserving Faucets

Water conservation at faucets is possible with a mixture of new equipment and user accountability. Modern faucets use distinct internal designs to lower water volume while producing a relatively normal stream for everyday use. Specialized aerators attached to faucets control water flow significantly, for example.

Naperville Fixture Installation ServiceResidents must also curb their need to turn the faucet on and waste water. Shut the lever off while brushing teeth to conserve more water. Only turn the water to a narrow trickle when washing hands to avoid excess waste with a thick flow.

Installing water-conserving equipment and using it intelligently continues to help the household water bill and surrounding environment.

Any plumbing work is a complex process of mechanical parts. Homeowners should seek out professionals who they feel comfortable with for both small and major repairs.

When new fixtures are added to the home with a professional’s expertise, they’ll last longer with solid warranties to protect their functions for a limited time period.

Don’t delay. Give Jim Wagner Plumbing a call at (630) 577-9341 to save money and lower the carbon footprint of your Naperville home without changing your busy lifestyle.