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Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

While some leaks are easy to find, others are hidden and these can be dangerous since they can cause serious damages to your Naperville home. These leakages can occur in the kitchen, in the bathroom or the entire piping system.

The following are 5 signs to help you detect hidden leakages in your home

Naperville, IL Plumbing ServicesMold on the Non-Shower Walls

A leaking pipe in the wall is a breeding ground for mold since they survive well in moist and dark areas. Splash leaks are simply due to water escaping beyond the shower curtain or the door.

According to plumbers, this type is the most common. Mold spots are seen on the wall or even close to the tub or shower. It is important to check any water standing on the floor after showering.

Stained or Sagging Walls, Ceilings and Flooring and Musty Smell

Staining of the flooring, ceiling or the walls may be due to some hidden leakages from pipes surrounding that area. Drain leaks allow sneaking of water around the outer side of the drain at its connection to the shower or the tub.

These leaks can cause stain on the floor or destroy the ceiling below. If this water gets in touch with the walls, the water seeps into the wall and this can lead to sagging walls.

If after cleaning the bathroom there is still some musty smell, there could be some old water accumulation in the bathroom. There are chances of hidden leakages that allow the accumulation of water.

High Water Bills Loose Tiles Next to the Tub

Outrageously high bills indicate that there could be leaks that allow water to escape. Therefore, if the water bill goes high above the norm for months and you are sure that you have not changed your Naperville water usage, then there could be hidden leaks. Leaks could be in the kitchen, bathroom or even in the entire supply system.

Tile leaks happen if water seeps through a deteriorating caulk or grout and penetrates through to reach the wall. The material that is used for setting the tile will determine the likelihood of them falling off the wall.

It is therefore important to check regularly on these possible leakages that may not be easily noted but can result to risk of causing serious damage in your home. Once you notice the leakages, contact a competent plumber to help in fixing these leakages.

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