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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Chemical Clog Remover


Clogged DrainA clogged drain is truly a nightmare for homeowners. Not only is it an inconvenience, but the damage that a clogged drain can cause really hurts the checkbook as well. But, before you reach for the chemical solution, you might want to think twice. Using a chemical might seem easy, but in reality the consequences that come with using them are dangerous. For this reason it is far better to secure the results right from the start, hiring a plumber will ensure this.

It’s true that the chemical remover is easy to use. After all, the only action on your part is to pour the fluid down the affected drain. However, these chemicals release toxic fumes into the air, fumes that you and I simply don’t notice until it’s too late. Even after the fluid is flushed, these harsh toxins stay in the air. Breathing these in can cause immediate or long-term damage to the human body, and it very well could be permanent. In small children, these respiratory side effects are very serious. In fact, these solutions should never be used near or around children, at all.

Moreover, if the health effects of these acidic and corrosive solutions weren’t enough, they also damage the environment. While the liquid disappears from your sight, it has now entered the sewage system of your community. These cleaners kill millions of helpful bacteria that the system needs to function properly. With higher usage, the damaging effects of the chemicals become more evident. After flowing through the sewage system, the chemicals of course have to drain. After this, they can actually flow into the water and soil and wreak havoc there for years to come, without anyone knowing that they are truly the source of the damage.

So next time, before you think of reaching for the easy solution, remember the consequences of these chemicals. The poisonous fumes are dangerous for you and your family’s health, along with your community’s, contact a professional instead. 

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