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Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Here’s a few good reasons why you should!


Naperville Bathroom RemodelingThe bathroom is the busiest room in any house. The average adult spends an hour in the bathroom every day, which means it wears out faster and must be repaired and updated on a regular basis. It is one of the home updates that bring more daily enjoyment to the whole family. There are a few reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom, we have highlighted a few of those reasons below:

Added Value

The things needed to give your bathroom a beautiful new character, are relatively cheap and you have many choices. An important choice to make is who you use as a contractor. Always get a professional to do any remodeling job. Many police, fire department and insurance company reports start with the words “the homeowner was attempting to…” and none of them end with good results for the bathroom.

A bathroom remodel will give you immediate gratification, as you soak in your new garden style tub for example. You will increase the appeal of your home if you put it on the market. Bathrooms are one of the rooms every potential buyer wants to inspect. Realtors love to have a updated bathroom to accentuate in the property description. A good contractor will be able to advise you as to what is popular at the time.

Naperville PlumberSafety Upgrade

The bathroom is the number one location in the home for accidents. The combination of bare feet and water leads to more broken bones than other rooms, even kitchens. Some safety upgrades you should ask your licensed contractor about include

  • shower handles
  • sliding shower stall doors instead of curtains
  • raising the toilet bowl about 4 inches
  • grab bars at waist level along the walls and door

If you prefer baths to showers but have difficulty standing up, ask about walk-in bathtubs. If you like showers request a built in rack, to safely store soaps and bottles in the shower stall.


Time is very valuable and nobody wants to spend more time cleaning than necessary. A bathroom with updated fixtures, grout and tile will be much faster and easier to clean. A low-flow toilet can save several gallons on you next water bill. A change to more efficient light fixtures and to LED bulbs will make getting ready in the morning faster and more pleasant. You will save several hundred over the life of the bulbs.

Looking to remodel the bathroom in your Naperville home? Call Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. at (630) 577-9241 and let us make your vision a reality!