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How To Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

After the largest dinner of the year, cleanup begins. Every utensil, pot, pan, and storage container has been used to store leftovers, and kitchen garbage disposals are often overworked. Avoid the common Thanksgiving disaster of a broken disposal in your Naperville home by using these few simple tips.

Naperville, IL Garbage Disposal Services Resist Temptation

Resist the temptation to empty the contents of pots and pans into the kitchen drain and garbage disposal, especially if a lot of cookware needs a deep cleaning.

No one wants to spend their entire Thanksgiving evening confined to dishwashing. Keep the following items out of the garbage disposal to prevent damage to the unit:

  • Fibrous Foods – Celery, onion peels, corn husks
  • Starchy Foods – Rice, pasta, potatoes
  • Oils and Fats – Grease, oil, lard, etc.
  • Bones – Turkey and other poultry bones

Take Time

Most garbage disposals break down because the unit is overstuffed with items too large or too bulky for processing. A series of blades that breaks down the food is housed in the unit, making the food suitable for drainage into the pipe. Discarded food should be slowly fed into the running disposal in small amounts to prevent damage to the blades and overheating of the disposal motor.

Pipe Down

For efficient garbage disposal performances, run cold water while discarding food and let the disposal run for at least a minute after all food has been processed. There are two reasons for doing this. First. the processed food needs to wash through the pipes and into the sewage system to prevent clogging. Second, most garbage disposal parts are made of materials that food sticks to, so running water helps dislodge debris on the blades Having a broken disposal and clogged kitchen pipes create a hefty plumbing bill.

Remember, the weekend after Thanksgiving is the busiest (and most profitable) for plumbing professionals because of garbage disposal malfunctions and clogged pipes. Save time and money by following the above-mentioned tips regarding disposal maintenance during this holiday season and consult a licensed Naperville plumber if an inspection is needed before the festivities begin.

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