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Prevent Frozen Pipes for the Winter

It’s the end of the year, and winter is in full force. For the next few months, everyone will hunker down and weather the cold season that is so harsh in Lombard. The cold winters in the area can dramatically affect everyone and everything, including homes. The cold temperatures cause damage to everything from paint to roofing materials, but one especially vulnerable thing is a home’s plumbing. The plummeting temperatures can easily freeze pipes that haven’t been properly prepared for winter. The consequences of frozen pipes can be extreme, including loss of water service and flooding from burst pipes. 

Instead of increasing the risks that winter will damage a home, take action now to prevent problems. Local frozen pipe repair technicians are here to offer advice about preparing for winter. Take this advice and act now before conditions get any worse!

Insulate Vulnerable Pipesinsulated

Plumbing codes strictly dictate how pipes should be installed to protect them from freezing. However, there are cases where insulation is needed to stop vulnerable pipes from freezing. A plumber can help identify lines that they suspect may freeze, and they can wrap them in pipe insulation to protect them. 

When possible, plumbing should be rerouted to areas that are less likely to freeze. Pay special attention to piping in attics or crawl spaces that run near an external wall. 

Shut Off Outdoor Faucets

faucetPreparing outdoor faucets and hose bibs is one of the most important steps to take in winterizing a home. The intense cold has a way of working backward through the metal in outdoor faucets as well as the metal piping that serves it. This can cause water to freeze in the faucet itself or back up into the home, potentially causing a burst pipe that could flood the house. 

Before things get bad outside, take the time to disconnect hoses and drain them. After the hose bibs are free, insulate them from the cold with special foam devices that are easily removable in the spring. Additionally, drain outdoor sinks and cut off water service. Put RV antifreeze down the drain to keep the P trap full of water but freeze-proof.  

Keep the Heater Working

Heaters and furnaces in homes are indispensable pieces of equipment. Not only are they necessary for survival during the cold winters, but they are also important to make sure the amenities in a home can survive as well. 

Plumbing codes that are in place to prevent frozen pipes usually take it for granted that a home will be heated. Therefore, it is vitally important that the heater in the home stays running through the winter. If a home will be unoccupied for a long time, set the thermostat lower than usual but don’t turn it off completely. 

Additionally, if there is any doubt that a furnace won’t make it through the winter, get a tune-up or repairs before the heater quits completely. 

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