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Spotting Hidden Water Leaks 

No one likes to focus on the negatives, but ignoring potential problems can create more extensive issues later. Understanding what can go wrong and the early signs of a leak can save homeowners a lot of money in repairs, especially when it comes to leaks in pipelines hidden underground.

These cracks or breaks in the water lines underneath the house can be caused by the movement of soil and vegetation around them, weather temperatures suddenly dropping, their age, and whether they were installed correctly. Unfortunately, all these common causes of leaks can lead to serious side effects, so it’s essential to know the warning signs to catch them early. 

Know the Signs

water bill

Hidden water leaks can be sneaky and spread for months without homeowners catching on. The most common signs of underground pipe leaks include:

  • Loss of water pressure from main level faucets and showerheads
  • Sounds of running water when no one in the house is using a water fixture
  • Pooling water on the lawn specific to a particular side of the home. 
  • Sudden, unexplainable spikes in the water bill

The above are common signs of water line leaks, but some more severe symptoms can also point to a leak, such as cracks in the wall starting at the ground, mold or mildew, warm spots underneath the floor, and damp spots on the ceilings and walls. If not taken care of right away, these signs are far more severe and could spell trouble for the home’s integrity and foundation.

Watch the Meter and the Water Usage

Another common way to assess whether a home’s main water line is leaking is to shut off the main water valve. By shutting the water off, a homeowner can watch the water meter to gauge whether it has stopped moving or if the meter is still moving. If the meter continues moving after the water has been shut off, there is likely a crack somewhere that is losing water. 

Monitoring the monthly water bill is also a way to check on the health of the underground plumbing. If there is a sudden unexplainable increase in water usage, there may be a line leaking water.

Call a Professional

professionalOnce signs of a leak are detected, homeowners should call a professional plumber immediately. While homeowners can catch signs of underground leaks, diagnosing and fixing the problem should be left to the professionals. 

Underground water line leaks can begin for various reasons, but locating the crack can be difficult without the correct equipment. Professional plumbers are licensed, insured, and trained to tackle water line leaks, sometimes without digging up the front or back yard. Their equipment is designed to find the leak easily and noninvasively. 

They can quickly assess a situation and create a solution that will have lasting effects versus the temporary solutions DIY fixes can bring. Calling a professional will also give homeowners the peace of mind that their home is being correctly cared for before any leaks become a more significant issue.

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