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Practice the Ultimate in Self-Care for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a great day for self-care. Many people love to lounge around, indulge in some chocolate, watch their favorite movies, and generally just relax. However, there is a great tool for the ultimate relaxation right in the home! That tool is the bathtub. Some people find that the bathtub they have is perfect for their needs. Others decide that it’s time for a tub upgrade. Either way, homeowners can make their bath a sanctuary from life’s everyday stresses. Here’s how. 

The Different Bathtub Designs


There are lots of different bathtubs on the market today. And many of them are more affordable than people think. After all, bathtubs aren’t something most people shop for regularly. This means that tubs get better (and sometimes bigger) while the prices stay the same (or even go down). Although many people take showers more often than baths, tubs are ideal for bathing children and pets and for much-needed relaxation. 

Freestanding tubs are popular these days because they are at once modern and reminiscent of the distant past. They come in the traditional claw-foot style or pedestal style with a solid base. Drop-in tubs come flush with the surrounding area, giving the bathroom a spa-like feel and hiding the lip of the tub. 

Alcove tubs are the standard, but they’re also available with added features like jets. These are just a few of the different types of tubs available. There’s a tub for everyone on the market these days. 

Music Therapy, Chromotherapy, and Aromatherapy

No matter the style of the tub, it’s always possible to add a few easy, relaxing features. Music therapy is excellent for relaxing with the help of auditory factors. There is no one type of music that’s best for this. It depends on the individual person and the kind of music they enjoy. Whether it be country, classical, rock, hip-hop, or experimental, music can help people relax. 

Chromotherapy is the use of color to help people relax. Mood lighting is an example of chromotherapy, and the same can be applied to the bathroom. Blue and green lights are said to have calming effects, which are great for relaxing in the bath. This can be done with lightbulbs, candles, or even Christmas lights strung safely around the bathroom. 

Most people are familiar with aromatherapy, otherwise known as the effects of pleasant smells to enhance mood. Again this can be done easily in the bathroom with candles, incense, potpourri, bubble bath, bath bombs, or bath salts. 

Not a Fan of Baths? Try a Relaxing Shower!


Of course, not everyone is a fan of baths— especially those who own small bathtubs! But, that doesn’t mean they should give up on relaxing. In fact, showers can be relaxing, too. The water can act as a kind of massage. Not to mention that people can also utilize all three relaxation methods mentioned above in their shower!

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