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When is Drain Cleaning the Right Choice?

Drains in a home consist of piping that flows away from sink basins, tubs, and toilets. Drain piping is very good at what it does, but in the course of taking care of wastewater, it will eventually experience complications like clogs. Homeowners can try to adopt habits that keep them at bay for as long as possible and start a routine drain cleaning schedule to prevent clogs. 

However, homeowners should be aware of the various tools professionals use to clear out a clog when clogs occur. Here are the three most common tools for drain cleaning and some information about each.  

Drain Snakes

drainDrain snakes are commonly used to clear clogs from drains. These devices range from a simple piece of plastic that is flexible and barbed to grab clogs of hair to large motorized pipe snakes. Small drain snakes can be used to stop clogs before they start to form larger clogs. Professional drain cleaning services may use these for small clogs in drain lines. 

For more serious clogs, professionals use large, motorized drain snakes. These drain snakes have powerful cutting augers on the end of a flexible line that can be inserted deep into large pipes to cut out clogs caused by almost anything. Motorized drain snakes are dangerous pieces of equipment that should only be used by professionals. They can also damage the plumbing if used incorrectly. 


Tree roots and toilet paper buildup are common causes of clogs. But, another type of clog is also common. When grease and soap scum are allowed to cling to the walls of sewer piping, they start the foundation of a clog by grabbing other debris. Removing and preventing these slow-forming clogs requires a direct effort to remove the grime from inside pipe walls. Hydrojetting does precisely this. 

Hydrojetting cleans the inside of pipes while busting through nasty clogs. It uses pressurized water to break up clogs, spray grease and grime off the inside of pipes, and wash away debris. Hydrojetting can be used as both prevention and a solution to clogs.  

Finding Problems With Video Inspection Equipment 

videoSewer lines are mostly underground and out of sight, making it difficult to know the location and the extent of the damage. Plumbers use video inspection equipment to find out where damage like a clog is located in a pipe and how bad it is. It allows plumbers to determine the right solution and tools for the job and if any additional repairs are necessary. Video inspection equipment helps plumbers know exactly where problems are before they start repairs. 

Video inspection equipment is simple and easy for professionals to operate. The plumber simply feeds a camera into the affected line. Real-time video is displayed on a screen so they can know where and what the problem is immediately. 

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