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Get a Plumbing Service You Can Count on This Winter

Plumbing issues are no laughing matter during the warm spring and summer months. But they’re even more worrisome in the dead of winter. These issues can crop up at any time, and without proper help from a professional company, homeowners can be left in the cold – literally. People typically think of plumbing problems as minor annoyances, but they can be incredibly dangerous and force homeowners out of the house in extreme circumstances. 

Avoid Damage From Burst Pipes


Burst pipes are one of the most common issues that people deal with in the cold winter months. Pipes, particularly those exposed or in areas of the house that don’t have insulation (garage, basement, attic, ) are more likely to freeze. When pipes freeze, they cause immense water pressure behind the blockage that will eventually cause the pipe to burst, often dumping hundreds of gallons of water out before the homeowner can react. 

Luckily, avoiding frozen pipes is simple. It’s a matter of identifying the most vulnerable pipes and making sure they’re insulated. Even when the homeowners are gone, they can avoid a burst pipe by leaving the thermostat at 55-degrees Fahrenheit or higher to keep the indoor pipes from freezing. 

Deadly Gas Leaks Are No Joke

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Natural gas is used in many homes for heating. Many people overlook the fact that certified plumbers must be the ones to work on gas fixtures and lines in the home. Natural gas leaks aren’t anything to be taken lightly. 

Homeowners who suspect a gas leak should leave the home right away and call their gas company to have the natural gas turned off. Once the gas is off, they’ll need to call a professional and certified plumber to address the issue. At the first sign of a gas leak, homeowners are advised to take the utmost caution immediately and involve professionals. 

Serious Sewage Backup

Serious sewage backups happen when waste or gray water becomes backed up and flow back into the home or the home’s clean water plumbing. This can be very dangerous for household members and pets because sewage carries viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that can cause health problems ranging from mild to serious. 

A sewage backup can also pose a threat to property. In severe instances, sewage can overflow from the sink, tub, or toilet basin. This can cause damage by soaking walls, causing thousands of dollars in damage. It can also pose a threat to wall outlets if the backup is bad enough. The sewage backup can damage any personal property sitting on the floor. This kind of backup can happen for a  number of reasons, all of which need to be addressed by a plumbing professional. 

For these reasons and more, it’s essential to know who to call in the event of a plumbing emergency, big or small. No one wants to spend the holidays out of their own home or dealing with dangerous property damage and plumbing issues, so involve a professional from the start. 

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