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Identifying Natural Gas Leaks

August is National Wellness Month, where people take a month and consider what contributes to their overall health and wellbeing. Many of the recommendations made for people during National Wellness Month revolve around health and dealing with the stress of modern-day life. But, this month, local plumbers want to help homeowners stay truly well by advising them about their homes’ natural gas and propane resources.

It’s no secret that natural gas and propane are dangerous but necessary in the home. When gas is allowed to escape plumbing and appliances, it can create a hazardous and potentially deadly situation. Here is a guide to natural gas during National Wellness Month to help homeowners stay safe all year long from the threats that gas leaks can pose.

Frequent Signs of Natural Gas Leaks

foul smellNatural gas has been used for centuries to light and heat homes. But the natural gas infrastructure has always been the source of fires and explosions. Even in modern homes with better technology, the threat is still present. Noticing the signs of gas leaks can help reduce the risks. Some of the more common signs of gas leaks are:

  • Rotten egg smell from sulfurous odorants added to the gas
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Higher gas bills
  • Dead plants or spots in the landscape

How to Respond When Gas Leaks are Suspected

When signs of gas leaks are noticed, fast responses are key. But, quick responses also have to be smart to prevent igniting natural gas. When gas leaks are first noticed, quickly vacate the area. Remove kids, pets, and everyone else from home as well, and take special steps not to create sparks during evacuation. This includes:

  • Not smoking
  • Not turning lights on or off
  • Blowing out candles
  • Turning off stoves and cooktops

Don’t go back inside for any reason and call a plumber to help turn the gas off so the leak won’t continue to fill the home with gas. Once the gas is off, leave doors open and ventilate the area. If there is any doubt, call the fire department to help.

Gas Leak Repair Solutions

gas detectorGas plumbing is installed in nearly every home, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean anyone can work on it. The best way to keep from dealing with gas leaks is never to allow them to happen in the first place. To do this, always hire plumbers to install gas-powered appliances like stoves, water heaters, and dryers. This will not only keep the home safe, but it will keep warranties on these appliances intact. In addition, homeowners should never attempt to work on their own gas lines, especially in homes with old metal plumbing. Instead, call gas leak repair specialists for gas leak repairs.

Some homeowners believe their carbon monoxide or smoke detectors will protect them from gas leaks, but this isn’t true. Unless otherwise noted, no detectors except natural gas detectors will pick up gas leaks. Natural gas detectors can be installed as part of a home defense strategy.

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