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Haunting Hazards of Backflow 

Bubbling potions are a common sight during the season of fright, but it’s the last thing homeowners want running through their pipes. Unfortunately, when a backflow event occurs, the clean water of a home can quickly become a potion of pollution. Backflow happens when the flow of clean water is reversed in the water system and can be caused by something as mundane as routine plumbing flushes or more severe plumbing catastrophes.

The major hazard of backflow lies in the contaminants themselves. Chemicals, pesticides, and sewage can pollute the clean water source when backflow occurs, creating a dangerous health situation and causing damage to a home in the process. Backflow is a situation to be remedied by a certified professional plumber, who can take care of the problems that come with backflow and help prevent backflow in the future.

The Murky Mess of Backflow

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Plumbing problems are a headache no homeowner wishes to face. Backflow is a particularly difficult situation to remedy. Homeowners should expect a backflow repair and cleanup to take quite some time, sometimes weeks, and be aware that the remediation is quite costly. 

The trouble with backflow is the variety of bacteria and filth it can spew into a home. Sewage, chemicals, and pesticides cannot be cleaned up with soap and water. Polluted water lines require a good cleaning and repairs to any resulting damage before they are safe to use again. If a major incident like a water main break, pipe burst, or power outage occurs, a home may require professional repairs to ensure the proper functioning of the water source for the home.

Health Dangers of Backflow

The variety of pollutants that can invade a water supply during backflow create a massive health risk for a home’s occupants. Chemicals and pesticides that invade a water supply can pose severe health risks and can be highly toxic. Sewage and human waste that invades a water supply can cause major illnesses if consumed. Furthermore, backflow can result in the invasion of microorganisms and water-borne illnesses and disease into the water source. Any backflow event signifies a major risk for the health of a home’s occupants and should be addressed immediately. 

The Importance of Backflow Testing 

If a backflow problem is suspected, testing can be conducted to verify it. A licensed and certified backflow testing plumber will be able to identify if backflow is occurring, locate where it is occurring, and address the reason for the backflow. 

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More importantly, backflow testing can verify whether a preventative measure needs to be installed or updated. Most modern homes and buildings have some form of backflow prevention in place, but older homes may need a system of protection installed, and updates are often needed on existing backflow preventatives. 

Taking care to beware of the risks of backflow is the first step to protecting a home’s water source. By working with a plumbing professional, homeowners can keep their homes safe from the dangerous implications of backflow water.

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