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Knowing About a Home Sewer Main

You may not realize it, but your home’s plumbing is almost entirely dependent upon the sewer main. Every other part of the plumbing could work perfectly, but if your sewer main gets clogged or blocked, then your entire home can back up. What does it look like when this happens?

If your main sewer line gets clogged to the point where water cannot drain, then you will find your toilets backing up, showers backing up, sinks not draining, and dishwasher unable to flush water away after the cycle. You’ll also potentially deal with contaminated water, sewage backing up into your washing machine, and even your sink being impacted by what you flush down your toilet. A sewer main clog is nothing to mess with and is far more than a mere inconvenience.

If left long enough, a clogged main can cause house-wide backups and pose a significant health hazard to your family and anyone in the house. Keep reading if you want to know what to do in case of a sewer main backup. You’ll learn how the sewer line functions, services you can take advantage of, and how to care for your system.

The Role of Your Sewer Line

sewer lineEvery home that is connected to city plumbing is hooked up to the city sewer by a house sewer main. This main is the direct connection that carries all wastewater from your house into the city’s sewer system.

Every single pipe in your home is connected to each other. At the farthest point down the line, each pipe connects to a main pipe that then is attached to the city’s sewer piping. 

This main is the one pipe that carries all of your waste away from the house including anything you flush down the toilet, wastewater from your washing machine, drain water from your dishwasher, and water from every sink and shower in the house.

Needless to say, the sewer line is a crucial piece of your home’s plumbing. If the sewer line ever gets impeded and water or waste cannot properly flow and drain away from your house, it will go the only other place it can – straight back up into your pipes and plumbing system.

Signs You Need Sewer Services

sewer line services

There are many reasons why homeowners require professional sewer services. Here are several:

  • Clogs: When the line gets clogged, you’ll notice house-wide backups of water and waste. These clogs can be caused by a variety of reasons from excess toilet paper to toys being accidentally flushed.
  • Tree Root Clogs: Old tree roots can work their way into your sewer line and cause a clog. This needs to get cleared out for your pipes to function properly again.
  • Sewer Line Leak: When your sewer line gets old, it can develop a leak. This must immediately get fixed for the safety and health of you and everyone in the area of the leak.

Why Do Sewer Lines Clog?

sewer maintenanceTo prevent clogs from accumulating in your sewer main, proper maintenance is key. Consider these tips:
  • Only Toilet Paper: Only flush down toilet paper. Even though some products claim to be “flushable,” home plumbing systems are not made to handle these kinds of products. “Flushable” wipes are one of the most common reasons for a clog.
  • No Grease: Pouring down grease or oil of any kind can build up and cause a clog in your pipes including your sewer main.
  • Watch Little Children: Any objects that get accidentally flushed can cause a buildup and clog. Watch your kids and don’t let them play around sinks or open toilet bowls.

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