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What Does The Future of Plumbing Look Like?

Have you noticed that a lot of jobs have been taken over by Artificial Intelligence? Even bank tellers are starting to be replaced with computers, so are plumbers the next to go? Thankfully, the plumbing profession is safe from going automated. It is unrealistic for the plumbing jobs to be completed by AI due to the many delicate senses that are involved.

Plumbers use many things to detect an issue. Besides just their eyes, they know what to listen for and where to listen for it. They know what smells are not right, and what underperforming pipes feel like. For these reasons and many more, plumbers are essential to every home’s well being.

Plumbers Detect Slab Leaks

slab leakSlab leaks can be a very serious issue for the construction of the home. A leak in the plumbing can cause excess water to build up in the foundation creating the breakdown of the slab. If this problem gets bad enough, homeowners can have expensive structural damage.

In brand new smart homes, a slab leak can be detected early, and the homeowners will be alerted to the problem. Unfortunately, most homes are not equipped with this system. Even if you have smart features in your home, slab leak detection has to be built into the home at construction.

Slab leaks are also not as easy to detect as you would think. Typically, homeowners do not realize there is an issue until the is considerable damage. This is why plumbers are so important. They have training and experience to spot this problem before it becomes a big problem.

They Are Needed For Bathroom Plumbing

There are many aspects of bathroom plumbing that can be automated. Many homeowners take advantage of things like smart showers and faucets. Smart toilets are also another option that has gained popularity. When it comes to deeper level bathroom plumbing, however, a plumber is going to be needed.

bathroom plumbing

An experienced plumber will be able to determine where clogs reside, whether you have mineral build up in your water, and install new piping if needed.

All of the things require many human attributes that AI technology does not have. This is yet another reason why plumbers are safe from automation to take over.

Protecting The Tradesman

tradesmenAs mentioned above, there are many things that smart homes and automation can not do. The use of the five senses and hand to eye coordination are two of the most important things when it comes to plumbing.

As plumbing using the natural forces of nature, such as gravity, to work, a skilled technician that can work within those bonds is needed to keep everything running smoothly. Many men and women out there make the choice to become a tradesman in one way or the other.

Plumbers are one of the most important trades there are. They keep people’s modern lives comfortable, safe, and clean. Though many aspects of people’s lives may be taken over by AI in the near future, it will be a long time before the plumbing industry become automated.

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