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Make Sure the Kitchen Can Handle the Explosive Fun!

It’s Independence Day, and that means it’s time to have some fun! Every year, our nation’s birthday means a day off from work and an excuse to get together with friends. This year, make sure the house is ready to deal with all of the extra traffic. The extra expectations placed on a home during a holiday can cause problems that can ruin the fun. Take these suggestions from local plumbers to help make sure everyone has a good time this year. 

Always Have Red, White and Blue Treats on Hand

When thinking about the kitchen’s plumbing during this summer holiday, food preparation comes to mind. During Independence Day, everyone will be expecting delicious, themed treats to go along with any other activities. All of the extra food prep will mean dirty dishes and lots of clean-up. 

To ensure all the extra work is worth it, make sure that 4th of July treats are worth all the trouble. Elaborate cakes that reveal the stars and stripes upon serving will be sure to thrill guests during a party. If that sounds too labor-intensive, simply adding festive red sprinkles to a white cake and color-coordinating the frosting can be enough to make an eye-catching and delicious treat. 

Fruit parfaits and ice cream-based treats are a welcome respite from the heat this time of year. Carefully chosen berries can be added as an accent to any chilled dessert to make it festive. Popsicles and Jello treats are also easy ways to offer chilled choices at a dessert table. 

Catch a Good, Patriotic Flick

moviesIndependence Day is all about remembering what is great about our nation. Food and cookouts are fun, but sometimes the best way to observe a holiday is through watching movies surrounded by those you love. Here are a few good movie ideas to catch that are time-tested, patriotic movies, perfect for the 4th of July. 

For fun, the whole family can enjoy, turn on the Sandlot. While it isn’t an explicitly patriotic movie, the story takes place during the summer and has an extended scene where the main characters celebrate Independence Day. Sandlot is a fun, coming-of-age tale that features kids playing America’s pastime: baseball. 

For classic movie fare, check out pretty much any movie with John Wayne in it. John Wayne was not only an American icon; he was a patriot. His film espoused so many American ideals that there was a bounty on his head from Joseph Stalin. The Sands of Iwo Jima is a particularly good 4th of July choice. 

Host a Cookout


If there is one thing more American than apple pie, it’s a cookout with plenty of burgers and hot dogs. Firing up the grill and moving the party outside is a great way to make space for extra people and keep the crowds from overrunning the house. Once the party is over, though, cleaning up can make it tough on the kitchen plumbing. 

Most 4th of July food is greasy, and with all the extra people, plenty of food scraps can make their way into kitchen plumbing. Making sure that kitchen scraps are discarded in the trash and keeping as much grease as possible out of the drain can ensure Independence Day is free from kitchen drain clogs. 

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