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Checking Your Sewers During Fall Season

Fall is here, and with it, come many things. The coffee lovers of the US are enjoying their pumpkin spice lattes, kids are planning out this year’s Halloween costume, and the leaves start to turn into a pretty orange or red color.

But as fall begins and leaves start to fall to the ground, there is one homeowner care task that many people forget: sewer cleaning. Falling leaves can clog sewer systems and wreak havoc in the home.

Why Sewer Systems Are Important

sewer systemsSewer systems play a major role in sanitation and disease prevention. They manage and treat community wastewater before it is released back into the environment.

Pipes from sinks, showers, and toilets in the house connect into the mainline beneath the house, which then connects to the main lines of other houses and businesses nearby.

These main lines flow into larger and larger pipes until they reach a waste treatment plant. When the sewer system is clogged, water cannot make its way through the pipes as it is supposed to. Instead, the water and its contents back up in the pipes and can come out in the drains of the house.

Normal Clog vs. Main Drain Line Clog

Since there are several different parts of the sewer system, there are multiple places where the pipes can become clogged. Say there is too much dirt trying to make its way down a shower drain and clogs the pipe. This is a normal clog because it only affects that one pipe going from the shower drain into the main drain line.

main drain line

This can cause the water to back up into that particular shower drain. However, if a clog occurs in the main drain line, the water could back up into every drain of the house, often starting with the lowest drains.

Preventing Sewage From Flowing Upward

sewage flowing upwardIdeally, gravity helps keep sewage flowing down through the pipes of the house until they reach the main drain, which flows horizontally.

But when a clog occurs in the pipes, raw sewage can actually flow upwards. If this problem is not resolved, it can become very expensive to fix and also unhealthy and unsanitary for anyone living in the house.

Pay attention to the signs of a clog to prevent sewage from flowing upwards into the house. If one or multiple drains are slow-moving, if the water in the drains or toilets gurgles, or if the water starts to smell bad, there may be a clog, which needs to be taken care of immediately.

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