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A Clogged Outdoor Pipe Can Bring Outdoor Festivities to an Abrupt End

There’s nothing like spending time outdoors on those golden spring afternoons and cool evenings. Whether it’s grilling, gardening, playing with the kids, or just kicking back and basking in the pleasant breeze, it’s good to soak it all in before the heat of summer arrives. But that blissful feeling doesn’t last long when water starts pooling up in the yard after a rainstorm or sewage starts backing up into the house. 

A clogged or broken outdoor pipe is the last thing any homeowner wants to worry about in the beautiful spring months, especially if it means digging up the newly planted garden to make repairs. Read on to learn why outdoor clogs occur and how to keep them from ruining the fun.

Aspects of Outdoor Plumbing

When most people think about their home’s plumbing system, they usually don’t consider all the outdoor plumbing that goes with it. From the sewage lines that carry waste from the house to the city sewer system (or septic system) to the downspouts and landscape drains that deliver rainwater into the storm drains- not to mention the hose bibs, sprinklers, and underground water supply lines- it’s all part of the system. Outdoor water leaks do happen, but they’re not terribly common. Clogged drainage lines, on the other hand, occur all too often.

How Does an Outdoor Pipe Get Clogged?


Outdoor pipe clogs can occur for several reasons, but it mainly depends on the type of pipe. A clogged sewage drainpipe is most often the result of something being put down a drain or toilet that shouldn’t be, or a gradual accumulation of grease and waste solids. It can also be caused by tree roots growing through the pipe and obstructing the flow.

Roots can also cause yard and landscape drain clogs, but these are most often caused by debris like leaves, mud, and seed pods that have covered the drain or been washed down and become lodged. 

Hydro-Jetting – The Best Method for Unblocking Pipes

hydrojettingIf an outdoor pipe becomes clogged, homeowners will want to get it taken care of as soon as possible, particularly if water is pooling around the edge of the house or if sewage is beginning to back up into the house. There are a few methods professionals use for clearing clogged outdoor pipes. 

In some cases, a mechanical drain snake can do the trick, but it can end up damaging certain types of pipe and doesn’t completely scour the pipe walls. A pro may also use a special root cutter machine if roots are causing the blockage. 

But in most cases, hydro-jetting is the way to go. This involves feeding a hose with a high-pressure nozzle down into the pipe to blast away the blockage and simultaneously clean the pipe walls. This is the preferred method for most outdoor plumbing clogs because it’s highly effective and poses a minimal risk of damaging the pipes.

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