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Why is Water Heater Maintenance Important? 

Spring is a busy time of year. Warmer temperatures mean that people can get back outside, but along with that comes a long list of spring cleaning tasks. Spring cleaning is an important reset to get everyone ready for the new season, but it can be easy to forget to do important things. 

One of the things that homeowners shouldn’t neglect during spring cleaning is water heater maintenance. Water heaters are important appliances that only need maintenance once a year. 

Why is Flushing the Tank Important?water heater

That water that comes out of the tap may look fresh, but that doesn’t mean that it’s pure. Treated water can still carry suspended and dissolved solids along with it. As water sits in the tank of a water heater, rapid temperature changes and reduced flow can allow solids to sink to the bottom of the water tank. These solids can form a scale that can be corrosive and decrease energy efficiency. 

Flushing the water heater can be done by professionals or confident homeowners. To flush the tank:

  • Turn off gas or power and close water valves
  • If the water heater is sitting in a drain pan, simply open the drain. Otherwise, attach a hose to the drain, run the hose to a point lower than the tank, and then open the drain. 
  • Open the safety valve to prevent a vacuum from forming in the tank
  • Once the tank is empty, briefly open freshwater valves to stir up sediment and allow it to drain. 
  • Close the drain and refill the tank
  • Close the safety valve once the water starts pouring out of it and ensure it doesn’t leak once it’s closed. 
  • Restore power and run hot water at several points in the home to burp out air pockets


Other Things to Check

While the tank is draining, it is a great time to look at a few other things. First, check the anode rod. It can be removed by unscrewing it from the top of the tank. If it shows signs of corrosion, replace it. Check for leaks once the new rod is in, and the tank is full. 

Secondly, homeowners should inspect the combustion chamber by opening the inspection panel with the burner off. Homeowners should look for signs of rust, corrosion, or soot buildup. Any of these can be a sign of serious problems. When in doubt, call a professional for help. 




Benefits of Annual Water Heater Maintenance 

There are many benefits to water heater maintenance, such as:

  • Longer water heater lifespan
  • Reduced bills
  • Better efficiency
  • More hot water
  • Extended warranties
  • Fewer mechanical problems

By scheduling water heater maintenance just once per year, homeowners can enjoy these benefits. Whether it takes a day as a DIY project or an hour or two from a professional, the service will pay for itself in comfort and savings. 

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