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What to do When a Kitchen Sink is Clogged

Having a clogged kitchen sink is difficult even under the best of circumstances. Most residents use their sink multiple times a day, and when it will not drain, it can cause a lot of problems. Clogs in your plumbing system can be caused by many things.

However, the most common culprits are food particles, soap scum, mineral buildup, and oil/grease. These things can build up in your pipes causing the drain to eventually slow and then stop completely.

Thankfully, plumbing experts have shared the three best ways to unclog a kitchen sink for good. In the information below, they will go over these simple tips to keeping your kitchen plumbing working properly.

Homemade Methods: Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar on their own both have excellent cleaning and deodorizing properties. When you mix them, however, they can provide a great sink unclogging formula. Baking soda is a mild alkali that cleans and deodorizes surfaces. Vinegar is a mild acid that is popular for its non-toxic cleaning abilities.

unclog sink

As mentioned, when you mix these two ingredients they can provide a cleaning and deodorizing solution for your sink. The acid in the vinegar can eat away at debris causing blocks. This formula can also remove stains, mold, and rust.

Boiling Water Can Help Remove Hardened Grease

boiling waterAnother great tip for unclogging your kitchen sink is to use boiling water. For a standard size sink, you want to use a half-gallon of boiling water. This will be enough pressure to flush out the drain system and remove any clogs that could be causing the backup.

The boiling water can also work to melt away any other particles such as food, hair, and hardened cooking grease that might be stuck in the piping. Be aware, however, that it can take one or two applications of boiling water before you see any effect.

Also, if there is standing water in your sink, you will want to remove it before you add the hot water to the problem.

When All Else Fails – Trust a Plumber

If you’ve tried the above tricks and they haven’t worked, or you have a consistent clogged that keeps coming back, you will need to call in a professional plumber to assist you with the issue. Typically, when you have a consistent blockage, the issue is usually deeper within your plumbing system. When this is the problem, you will need professional help to remove it.

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Expert plumbers will have the tools and knowledge to repair the situation quickly and easily. In some cases, the clog can be as deep as your main drain line and it can eventually cause an issue in other areas of the home such as the bathroom. When this happens, you want to reach out to a professional as soon as possible.

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