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Is it Time to Wish for a New Water Heater This Holiday Season?

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Letters to the North Pole are being written, and wishlists and shopping are getting underway. Toys and treats are always favorites on the wish list, but a savvy homeowner should consider asking for a new water heater to appear under their tree this year. A water heater? Yes! What better gift is there than a hot bath, clean laundry, and spotless dishes managed by a reliable water heater? No one wants to spend the holidays without hot water, but too often, it is a situation that does happen: a worn-down water heater quits working right before presents and cocoa, and the whole night is ruined. 

Keep reading to find out the three key signs it’s time to retire the water heater and prevent a holiday fiasco from happening. 

The Water Heater is Getting Old

water heater

If the water heater is a decade or older, it’s seen its best days. Most water heaters are designed to last about eight to twelve years, with gas heaters lasting closer to eight and electric averaging around ten. However, that average is reliant on good maintenance and regular upkeep of the water heater. If the heater has missed a few maintenance appointments, it won’t last as long. The older the water heater gets, the less efficient and reliable it will be.

The Storage Tank Has Cracked

If the water heater’s tank is no longer a smooth surface, there’s trouble on the horizon. Cracked and damaged storage tanks are one of the most common sources of leaks in the household. Multiple factors can cause cracks, though common causes are from sediment collecting in the tank, causing excessive pressure in the tank, broken components and pressure valves, and internal rusting.

Unfortunately, cracks can often lead to additional expenses as leaks form and damage the surrounding area. On occasion, cracks can be repaired, but it is a temporary solution, and replacement will quickly become necessary to prevent leaking and crack-related damages altogether. 

Discolored or Rusty Water

colored water

When the water of a home starts looking rusty, there are problems somewhere in the plumbing. While most homeowners might expect a rusty pipe to be the cause, often the water heater is actually to blame. The steel components of a water heater can rust and deteriorate over time, leading to increased risks for cracking, holes, and eventual breakdown of the water heater. 

A quick investigation of the water inlet and pressure release valve can give a good estimate of the situation. Usually, if there’s rust on either of these two parts, there is rust inside the unit as well. There is no remedy to a rusty water heater other than replacement, and the sooner it is replaced, the safer the hot water source of the home will be.

When checking the holiday wish list twice, it’s important to remember the gifts that will make the home comfortable and safe all year round. A new water heater is an excellent investment for any home and a fantastic choice for keeping the house cozy during the holiday season. 

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