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Clogged Shower Drain Information

Nothing ruins a shower like a clogged drain. As the water starts to build-up, all the debris that is meant to go down the drain is now floating around at ankle depth. Many homeowners deal with this issue regularly. Having a shower drain that is reluctant to flow correctly is more common than many people think.

Even though it is common, it does not make it any less annoying and stressful. Thankfully, expert plumbers in the Naperville area have shared their tips and secrets on shower drains. The information below will provide all the details on how a drain starts, how it is repaired, and the best way for homeowners to protect their drain from clogging up again.

How A Shower Drain Gets Clogged

hair clogA shower drain becomes clogged easily due to debris. When someone showers, things like hair, soap scum, and dirt go down the drain regularly. Over time, this can cause back-up and the wastewater will not be able to flow down freely as it once had before.

When there are children in the home, other debris can also cause an issue like small toys and foreign objects can get caught that would lead to a slow drain. What’s more, a drain in the main sewer line cause also is the culprit.

Regardless of why fixing, this is an issue right away is important. More often than not, a slow draining or clogged shower will eventually turn into a non-draining shower which is a considerable step up in the annoyance factor.

How To Get The Shower Drain Fixed

After some plunging attempts, Drain-O, and hot water, many homeowners find themselves on a call to their trusted plumber for help. Although sometimes these at-home remedies can help, they typically only work for a small-time before the original problem reappears.

That being said, a plumbing technician will know how to get to the heart of the problem quickly. In general, professionals will use a drain snake, auger and/or camera scope to locate and identify the issue. If the blockage is severe, for example, they may use a high powered auger to remove the block.

fix shower clog

A high powered auger will use a stream of highly pressured water to breakdown and remove the obstruction. If the problem goes deeper than a block, like a sewer line issue, the technician will be able to fix the issue without further problems to the shower drain.

Preventing Shower Clogs

Thankfully, there are steps homeowners can take so their shower drain does not slow down. Thus will keep the water running smoothly and eliminate the need for a service call.

preventing clogsTake a look at these easy preventative measures:
  • Drain Screen: One simple and cost-efficient way to reduce clogs is with a drain catcher. This will catch a lot of the debris that would typically go down the drain, helping prevent hair clogs and similar shower drain issues. 
  • Be aware: Even if a screen is not used, residents should still be aware of what is going down the drain. Make sure there are no other objects besides water and soap going down the drain. This includes things like oil and grease from the kitchen
  • Call A Professional: When the first signs of a drain slow down appear, it is best to call a professional for help. They will be able to pinpoint whether it is a quick clog or a deeper issue that can lead to more serious and costly damage.

Being aware of what is going down the drain and knowing who to call when there is an issue is half the battle of stopping a shower from having a slow drain.

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