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Save Water This Summer With These Easy Tips

Summer may be the most expensive season. Summer budgets can be strained with kids out of school and adults looking to get away on vacation. That’s why homeowners should take every opportunity to reduce their bills over the summer. Luckily, reducing water usage around the home can help them accomplish this. 

This article is a quick guide from plumbing experts that can help homeowners conserve water and save money so they are free to enjoy the summer. 

Install Water Saving Devicesshower

The first place that homeowners should look to reduce water usage is the devices they use daily. A home’s water usage is primarily dictated by the efficiency of fixtures and appliances that distribute and use water. When looking for places to save water, try things like:

  • Water-saving toilets
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • High-efficiency clothes washers
  • High-efficiency dishwashers
  • Touchless faucets

When water-saving devices are used, a home’s water can be reduced drastically. This can give homeowners some summer relief from their water bills. 


Know When to Water the Lawn 

For obsessive homeowners about their lawns, the irrigation bills can be a large part of a home’s yearly water usage. Knowing how to water the lawn more effectively can help homeowners reduce their water usage while keeping a beautiful property. 

The proper way to water a lawn is to set irrigation systems to run in the morning before dawn. Irrigation systems saturate the area, but it takes time for water to soak into the soil. By watering before sunrise, irrigation water has time to percolate into the soil, and the grass has a chance to absorb its daily quota of water. Once the sun rises, it will cause rapid evaporation of water used for watering the lawn, which means the water gets wasted. 

It may seem intuitive to water in the evening given that evaporation is a loss of efficiency. However, there are diminishing returns when watering the lawn overnight. When water is allowed to sit on the soil and turf for too long, it can cause mold problems that can kill plants. Early morning watering is the best choice because it gives the soil a chance to drain and dry out while maximizing the irrigation’s effectiveness. 

Other Ways to Reduce Water Usage

Water treatment and distribution is an energy-intensive process. As a result, saving water means homeowners are also reducing the carbon footprint of their homes while saving on their bills. Regardless of the abundance of freshwater resources in the area, reducing water usage means fewer fossil fuels will be used to prepare water at the local water treatment facility. It also means less water will pass through sewage treatment facilities, doubling the benefit to the environment.  

Some good habits for keeping water usage low are:

  • Reduce the length of showers
  • Wait until loads are full before running the dishwasher and washing machine
  • Set water heaters to the proper temperature 
  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving
  • Use bowls to wash dishes in instead of filling the whole sink basin


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