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How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home


Naperville PlumberNo plumbing will last forever and attempting to make it work beyond its normal life cycle can have disastrous results. It is important for the safety of everything in your home that you stay vigilant in keeping your plumbing in good repair. Water damage is costly to repair and can make a home unlivable if it is not properly cleaned. If you are questioning whether it is time to replace your plumbing, here is some information to help you decide. We can help you with our repiping services.

How Do I Know If I Need to Repipe My Home?

Anytime plumbing begins to decay, look battered or leak, it is time for it to be replaced. Metal piping of any kind with corrosion or rust is a serious concern. If your plumbing is all the same age and part of it has become worn and is leaking, it is always recommended that all pipes be replaced to avoid the hassle of patchwork repair and of older pipes later on.

How Long Will It Take?

Every home is different and how long replacing the plumbing will take depends on many factors. This can include the size of the home, how many bathrooms the home has, and even how the building is constructed. If the home has a full basement that makes it easier to access the plumbing, this will make the job faster than if all of the work needs to be completed through a crawl space. Insist your plumbing contractor include a time schedule in with their estimate so you can feel confident they are staying on track.

RepipingWho Should I Hire?

It depends on your plumber, but a replacement of this scale will often require specialized knowledge. Unless your home is under renovation and the pipes are exposed, everything will need to be replaced carefully to avoid damage to the existing walls.

Most experts agree that plumbing lines will typically last approximately 80 years. This is assuming they were installed correctly. If your home is older, or if the plumbing has been a consistent problem, regardless of the age, then it is time to call a plumbing contractor. Replacing the plumbing is a hassle, but as long as it is done correctly. Once completed it should not have to be done again in your lifetime.


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