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Rinnai water heatersRinnai water heaters are rated among the best tankless water heaters on the consumer market today. More than any tankless water heating system a Rinnai system promotes energy efficiency, utility bill savings and minimum construction work required on a home for installation. Rinnai is unique in the way it has designed its systems to get the most efficiency and performance out of them. For that reason it is highly recommended to use a certified Rinnai installer to put in a new system in your home.

Rinnai tankless water heaters deliver hot water on-demand with no time needed to heat up. Because they are tankless the heaters use a high-powered heating source connected to a ventilation system installed in the home. The rest can be fit onto existing piping in most cases, but a certified master plumber trained with Rinnai systems needs to check to ensure this is the case. If not the heater will not work properly with the existing pipes and they’ll need replacing. Once installed a Rinnai system will go to work making life easier and more efficient.

Tankless water heaters like those from Rinnai ensure that no water is wasted, cutting down on bills and helping the environment. Because there are no tanks the unused heated water doesn’t sit around getting cold, wasting the energy used to heat it. And there is no more waiting on running water to get warm enough to use. It’s hot from the moment a faucet it turned on and once turned off no water is sitting around. Rinnai systems also offer precise control for water heat, sometimes at different levels depending on needs in different areas of a home. Most importantly is that unlike traditional tankless water heater systems a Rinnai system doesn’t require separate intake and exhaust vents. Only one vent pipe is necessary thus limiting impact on the home and time of install. However the uniqueness of this system does require some trained installers. A plumber certified for Rinnai installation will know which materials to use and where to place the vent pipe for maximum efficiency.

A Rinnai tankless water heater will cut down on utility bills while making daily tasks around the home much easier. By counting on a certified Rinnai installer you can have this affordable new solution up and running in no time and can see for yourself all the benefits it provides.

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