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How long does a bathroom repiping take


RepipingHaving your bathroom repiped can be a difficult process that should be handled by a professional. However, one important thing to remember when getting ready for a bathroom repipe is to determine how long it is going to take for the process to be completed. Some of the things that can affect the timespan of a repipe are the amount of pipe that is going to be worked on, how many different appliances you are going to have worked on, and the type of pipe that you are working with.

How much pipe is being replaced

How much pipe is going to need to be replaced is the factor that will have the biggest effect on the length of the job. It is important to come up with a rough estimate of the footage of pipe that is going to be replaced, and how much drywall is going to need to be replaced in order to lay down the pipe. Generally, it will take about half an hour to replace a foot of pipe that is hidden behind drywall. This number can greatly go up if the plumber has to repeatedly cut into the drywall in order to replace the pipe.

How many appliances will be worked on

The second thing that will affect the length of a repiping job is the number of different appliances that will need to be worked on. A plumber will have to run a drain, a cold waterline, and a hot water line over to each appliance. This will require them to make multiple cuts, many measurements, and come up with routes for three separate pipes.

What kind of pipe is being replaced

The third thing that can affect the amount of time a repiping job takes is what kind of pipe is being used. Generally, pipes that are made out of steel and copper will take more time to work with. In addition, ridged pipes will take a lot longer to install than flexible pipes that can simply be pushed around angles without the need to repeatedly cut and splice the pipes.

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