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types-tankless-water-heatersWater heaters are an important part of people’s daily lives. They help in powering up dishwashers and washing machines, as well as the showers and baths. Yet, many people find the older models of water heaters not actually serving their needs effectively or efficiently. These traditional water heaters found in many households have been outdone, in terms of performance and design, by modern tankless water heaters. Read on how these tankless models work and the energy benefits they offer, cost, and performance.

Traditional water heaters work by keeping hot water in a tank at the ready through a heating section that turns on and off throughout the day. The hot water is then fed to various appliances and faucets whenever it is needed. On the other hand, tankless water heaters do not have storage tanks for heated water. Instead, it uses a process of sophisticated calculation to provide hot water as called for.

For instance, when someone in the house opens a hot water tap, it signals the flow turbine of the tankless heater to begin the heating process. Depending on the desired water temperature, the temperature of the incoming water, and the difference between them, the tankless heater’s control board makes the adjustments on the electric or gas flow that goes to the burner assembly to start heating the water. When the hot water tap is closed, the water heater shuts down and stays on standby mode until it is needed again.

This on-call way of water heating process done by tankless water heaters is useful for numerous reasons. Many people are displeased when they are taking a warm shower and all of a sudden the water turns cold because the hot water runs out. With the tankless water heaters, this scenario never happens. Unlike the traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters provide an infinite amount of hot water as long as it is called for. This system is also more compact and can be installed in places where traditional water heaters can’t.

Moreover, this type of water heater also makes life more enjoyable because it helps many household owners in saving energy and money from keeping their tanks full of hot water. With the tankless water heater, the heating process will only start when hot water is requested. It has been proven over time that tankless water heaters provide substantial cost and energy savings. Also, the tankless heating system lasts longer compared to the conventional systems. They are known to last from 5 up to 10 years. Indeed, going for a tankless water heater is a worthy investment.

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