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How To Drain Your Water Heater And Why

Your Naperville hot water heater may seem to be operating normally, but sediment buildup in the tank can slowly cause the unit to suffer corrosion as well as uneven heating in the bottom of the tank. Unless the heater is drained and flushed periodically, the result can be a clogged drain valve and inefficient heating of the water.

The latter can significantly increase the amount of electricity or gas required to heat water, and this is reflected in the home’s energy bill. Our company recommends having a qualified service technician perform a drain and flush of the system. At the same time, the unit can be checked for minor damage.

Naperville, IL water-heater-servicesSediment Buildup

Sediments that do not dissolve in water either remain suspended or sink to the bottom of the hot water heater. This can occur regardless of whether the water supply is from a well or a public utility source. Sand and grit can contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, or other minerals.

When the grit settles to the bottom of the tank, it absorbs energy from the heating source. The tank bottom begins to heat unevenly, and this can result in hot spots. Eventually, the tank bottom degrades, and small cracks can develop.

Problems With Heater Leakage

If the tank is not drained and flushed at least once per year, the sediment at the bottom will fill in the small cracks or holes that develop. Flushing the system at this point can result in disaster. The pressure of the flush can dislodge the sediment, and the water will leak out onto the floor. If the cracks are very large, the entire heater unit may have to be replaced.

Regular Draining Of The Tank Is Important

Most homeowners do not feel they are qualified to perform this service on their own, and this is a justifiable attitude considering the complexity of the heater unit and the number of steps required to complete the procedure. Our company advises a regular drain and flush maintenance procedure at least once per year.

The procedure involves disconnecting the electricity or gas flow, opening hot water valves and shutting down cold water valves, and opening the drain valve. The sediment buildup may create a tight fit around the drain valve, and many Naperville homeowners break the valve when they attempt to open it. A qualified professional should be called in to perform this procedure.

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