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Top Ten Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Downers Grove PlumberAdding a garbage disposal to your lineup of kitchen appliances is an easy and affordable way to get rid of organic waste. The units are lightweight, energy efficient and fit neatly underneath your sink.

Installation is a breeze creating little to no impact on your existing layout, and can be installed in a single visit. Still not convinced? Here are ten good reasons why you should call us today!

It’s the “Green” Thing to Do

1. Throwing food scraps through a garbage disposal allows you to keep your waste separate from recycling. This means you can ensure more materials are making it to your local recycling center instead of in the ground, or lakes, rivers etc.

2. Units are also both cost effective and energy efficient accounting for only about 1% of your entire household power consumption. The average unit cost surprisingly little to power.

3. Using a garbage disposal not only means less plastic trash bags, but also less greenhouse emission by eliminating some of the need for garbage trucks.

4. They can help unclog sinks jammed up with scrap food, negating the need for dangerous plumbing chemicals.

Avoid Stinky Trash and Smelly Sinks

5. Get rid of rotten food odors immediately instead of having waste sit in a bin in your house. Keeps your kitchen cleaner by eliminating opportunities for bacteria to develop and thrive.

6. Never stick your hand into a food scrap filled sink of dishwater again. Blades within the drain obliterate all scraps which keeps your sink from becoming clogged up.

7. Less buildup in the sink and drains means a cleaner smelling kitchen.

Saves You Money

8. Using fewer trash bags means fewer trips to the store. A garbage disposal can eliminate about half the waste that would usually end up in your rubbish basket.

Downers Grove Garbage Disposal Services9. Garbage disposal units are energy efficient and because they’re not constantly on they use very little electricity. It provides all the aforementioned benefits without putting a dent in your utilities bill.

10. Our installations come with friendly service and years of professional experience.

Call a plumbing professional today to start experiencing the benefits and convenience of a garbage disposal! They possess the experience and know-how to install your unit so it’s functioning at maximum efficiency. Help protect the environment and save yourself some money; call today!

Smelling a stink in the sink in your Downers Grove home? That means you need a garbage disposal, just Call Jim Wagner at (630) 577-9241, and have an expert install one today!