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DIY Wet Wipes (Why Flushing Regular Wipes Will Clog Your Drains)

A clogged drain is caused by a myriad of things. One, in particular, might surprise you. Regular wet wipes almost always cause a clog which leads to drain cleaning and toilet repair. You can avoid the issue entirely by making your own wet wipes at home to use in your bathroom.

The toilet is the most important appliance in your apartment, dormitory or house. It’s a comfortable feature that wasn’t always available indoors. People used to have to hike to the outhouse in all types of weather in the past. Be glad that you don’t have to do this yourself because it wasn’t very pleasant for your ancestors!

Chicagoland, IL DIY-wet-wipes-1Gather the Supplies You Need to Make Your Own DIY Wet Wipes

There are a number of different recipes online for DIY wet wipes. It’s really up to you to determine which works best in your household. The main objective is simple. Don’t clog the drain the same way you would with regular wipes! Instead, gather these simple supplies, roll up your sleeves, and get busy making your very own wet wipes.

Here’s what you need to make a container’s worth for your bathroom:

•A lidded container
•A roll of paper towels
•A sharp knife

Once you’ve got your supplies together, carefully cut the roll of paper towels in half forming two shorter rolls to work with. Take 15 to 20 sheets off at a time, fold them, and place them neatly in a pile. Then, place them in the container until further notice.

Mix two tablespoons of vinegar, ¾ cup of water, and one or two drops of soap together. Pour the solution over the folded towelettes in the container making sure they are fully saturated. Place the lid onto the plastic box, poke a hole in the top, and carefully pull one of the wipes through the top indicating it’s ready for use.

Another recipe calls for water, aloe vera, witch hazel, castile soap, vitamin E, and essential oils. Mix the ingredients together and pour them over the paper towels. Leave it to soak for five to ten minutes before covering the wipes container with a lid. This step is important because you don’t want them to dry out before using them.

Be Mindful of How Many You or a Family Member Use at Once

The DIY wet wipes are then ready for use in your family’s bathroom. Make sure to instruct small children not to place too many in the toilet bowl for fear that the mass of paper will clog the toilet leading to drain cleaning and/or toilet bowl repair. Although the solution wets the paper towels, it does not change their construction entirely.

An economical option for families of all sizes, DIY wipes are easy to make, better to flush, and a lot less taxing on your toilets. Encourage your spouse and children to use the handmade wipes as opposed to the store bought brand you once paid for and notice a difference in the fewer repairs you will need.

With cleanliness being the goal, you can use wipes to freshen up bathroom surfaces, too. Wipe down the sink, toilet lid, and seat, and front of your bathtub. Once done with the wipe, toss it in the toilet and watch all the dirt and grime go away. It’s that easy to keep your humans and your home clean!

Chicagoland, IL DIY-wet-wipes-2Contact a Professional If You Do Experience a Problem With a Clog

In the event you experience a clog or toilet issue that you just can’t fix on your own, never fear. A trained professional will help you get to the bottom of your issue. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to handle the nastiest clogs and toilet repairs.

Clogs occur when large objects are forced down drains. This causes them to get stuck and prevent other items from traveling down pipes easily. Commercial wet wipes are not always made to be flushed. People make this mistake often.

They buy a product, misuse it, and then experience problems with their plumbing. You can avoid this situation entirely by making sure that you make your own wet wipes using one of the recipes above or another that you’ve found online and liked.

Each person has their own preferences so keep in mind that you can tweak a recipe to fit your needs and budget by adding and substituting ingredients.

You don’t need to deal with a clogged drain any longer than you have to in your Chicagoland, IL home, for assistance call Jim Wagner Plumbing Inc. at (630) 577-9241. Contacting a professional trained in toilet repair and drain cleaning gets the issue resolved quickly and effectively so you won’t be stuck without a working toilet in your home.