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The Differences Between Water Heaters and Which Will Save the Most Money


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What is the Difference Between Standard and Super Efficient Tanks?

Looking at a standard tank and a super efficient tank from the outside, it doesn’t appear that there is much of a difference between the two. But a look on the inside would show some of the crucial differences between these two types of water hear tanks.The first difference is that super efficient tanks will likely have larger anode rods.

These rods are placed in the center of the tank and attract the corrosive elements in water to help keep them from corroding the lining inside the water tank.The larger the rod, the more corrosive minerals it can hold and the easier it grabs them.The second difference is that super efficient tanks have better insulation.

This better traps in heat so that the water tank does not work so hard to keep the water hot.The third difference is the length of the warranties. Super efficient tanks usually have longer warranties. They are made to last longer and are made with better parts than standard tanks.

Why is this Important?

The more efficient something is, the better it does its job. Which means less frustration for you. And in the case of water heaters, the slower they are to break down and rust. Which is why super efficient tanks often have longer warranties.

Since the water heater also has an easier time keeping water hot, that means much more hot water for you. It does not take as long to warm the water and the tank does not fight as hard in colder temperatures to keep the water warm.

Water HeaterWhich One will Save Me Money?

Out of standard or super efficient water heaters, the super efficient will save the most money. The longer warranties will cover many things should problems arise. The extra insulation will keep water hotter for longer, which means less strain on your electric or natural gas bill.

The larger anode rod means corrosion will happen slower than in standard tanks, which leads to not needing to buy a new water heater as often as you would with a standard tank.

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