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How Often Should I Change my Water Heater?


Downers Glove PlumberChanging a water heater can depend on how it is working. Some water heaters are used more than others, so they will not last as long as those not used as much. A more important concern should be to have a water heater inspected regularly. Proper maintenance can help prolong the life expectancy of the water heater, and basically only need repairs every now and then.

Inspections can better determine when it is time to replace a water heater. Professional advise is recommended for the most accurate inspections and repairs.

In general most water heaters are replaced when they no longer provide the water heating properly, or the energy bills show a significant increase. Frequent repairs within a years time, may also determine that it is time for a replacement.

What are Some of the Signs?

There are a few simple signs that may show when a water heater is not working properly, such as leaks, pilot light going out often, valves stick, broken thermostat, or is over 10 years old and too many repairs are being made periodically.

Newer water heaters are manufactured to work more efficiently, so replacing a water heater may be something better to do if it is in your budget.

Make sure to ask for an estimate of unit to include labor and any other necessary parts. As there are parts like mounts, pans, pipes, and vents that may need replacing or inserting.

Water HeaterConclusion

Water heaters require little maintenance, but proper installation. Water heaters collect sediments, and should be drained at least twice in a year to avoid corrosion.

Testing pressure valves, and keeping the thermostat at a lower level may prolong the life of a water heater. Overheating can cause damage to the water heater. Remember to properly dispose of the old water heater.

Some companies will offer to dispose of the old one after replacing it with a new one. New water heaters can run between 500.00 – 1200.00. Shop around for the best price, size, and installation prices before purchasing a new unit.

And ask for advice before trying to install it yourself. Improper installation may cause damage to the unit, or to yourself.

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