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sump pumpApril Sump Pump Inspection


April sump pump inspection brings May dry basement. Finally, Spring is here! And with the changing of the seasons comes sunshine, opening day, and…rain.

Sure, April showers bring May flowers, but a rainy April also puts stress on sump pumps.

A sump pump under too much stress can fail and leave you with a flooded basement, which is no way to start Spring.

If Your Sump Pump Fails

If your sump pump fails, Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. can service your home within 60 minutes. However, it’s very easy to avoid a sump pump emergency.

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. offers sump pump inspection services.  We do a comprehensive diagnostic inspection that will not only give you peace of mind; it will help you avoid a disaster.

Sump Pump Testing

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. tests the sump pump to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure it’s functioning optimally. These tests also tell us if your sump pump requires more electricity than normal to operate under its load. If the sump pump draws more power than your circuit breaker, it can trip the breaker.  This may even cause an electrical fire!

Our inspection detects if a sump pump draws more than manufactured amps. This problem can be caused by multiple rotation restrictions in the sump pump, such as worn bearings or a weathered sump pump shaft. The tolerances within a sump pump’s moving parts are measured in thousandths of an inch to ensure the rotating components rotate without vibration.

Sump Pump Are Complex Machines That Keep You Safe from Flooding

Sump pumps are complex machines that keep you safe from flooding and need to be inspected to make sure they do their job and do it right. Give Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. a call, and we will be happy to inspect your sump pump.

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