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Buying a home is one of the most important investments that most people purchase. Not everyone can afford to have a new home built to suit all of his or her needs and desires in a home. Choosing the right home, in the right location, may mean you are buying an older home that will need some TLC to make comfortable.

Many older homes have sewer lines and plumbing connections that have seen their better days. If your home, all of a sudden starts getting blockages in the sewer lines, it is time to call in the professionals for a quality inspection. Our professional plumbers will have the right equipment to find cracks or leaks in the sewer lines, without digging up your whole yard. Excavation of your lawn can become extremely costly when looking for broken lines.

As professional plumbers we can use the trenchless sewer repair method to fix any problems with broken or cracked lines. Pipe bursting is one method we use for completely breaking up your old piping, while laying the new sewer pipe at the same time. Our plumbers will make small holes at the beginning and at the end of your broker sewer line and pull the new line through. While the new line is being pulled through, the old line is bursting apart. The new sewer line is made up of a thick polyethylene pipe that is extremely strong. The new trenchless piping has a life span of fifty years or more.

Pipe relining is another method used by our plumbers to repair broken sewer line. With the relining method, a fiberglass line that is felt impregnated is pulled through the broken line. With this method, the old line is not broken up. The new line seals off all the damaged areas of the old line and will last for over fifty years.

Relining a pipeline is great for those homeowners whose lines run under their walkways or driveways. There is no breaking up of the old line, so there is no danger of damage being done to the existing walkways or driveways. New trenchless sewer lines can be run right out to the city sewer lines, without any excavation being done to the property.

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