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Plumbing emergencies can be hard to deal with and a sticky situation to face, especially if you don’t know what the exact problem is. There are many different types of plumbing emergencies, but here are the top five things you need to do when you’re stuck in in one:

1.Locate where the problem is and stop all water flow:
The very first thing you should do in any type of plumbing emergency is stop all water. First, find the location the problem is coming from. Turn off the main water shutoff. These can usually be found under sinks or toilets. If water flow is not stopped, you have a possibility of a flooding and other plumbing problems.

2.Call an emergency plumber:
After shutting of the water, call your local plumber. It is important to hire a problem in order to fix the problem because many people do not how to exactly fix it, and any more damage can be dangerous. A plumber can come the day of or next, depending on what time it is and how bad the emergency is.

3.Help out your pipes:
Wile you’re waiting for a plumber, it is a good idea to cover up any leaks. Check the filter for a clog, if it is leaking than cover it with electrical tape. This is only a temporary solution however.

4.Use a hand plunger:
If you have a sewage buildup or seem to be experiencing a blockage problem, try using a plunger. Sometimes the emergency can be fixed without a plumber with a simple tool like this.

5.Clean up the water:
Use a water or buckets to get rid of all of the water. This step should be done last, in order to make sure no more water occurs. You can use a bucket if the pipes are leaking.

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